Financial Modeling: for Starting a Small Business (Small Business Startup Guides Book 4)

Published on May 19, 2017

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The Financial Modeling Guide will help you develop a financial model that will qualify for a loan to start your business. The Financial Modeling Guide explains the Startup Funding Model and leads you through the steps of estimating payroll, defining your fixed expenses and forecasting sales. The Financial Modeling Guide also shows you how to measure your profit and loss, cash flow and equity build up.

The Financial Modeling Guide will help you develop financial projections that are driven by strategy. This financial modeling concept is used by corporations to tell their funding sources where the business is going, how it’s going to get there, what to expect along the way and most importantly, what are the risks. A sound financial model is essential to validating financial feasibility and supporting a funding proposition.

The Financial Modeling Guide is focused on the needs of a small business with 1 to 4 employees.